Guest Reviews




My name is Mike G. I am a first generation Sicilian American. My father was born in Sicily and immigrated to Hartford, CT in 1956. I was born and raised in Hartford and moved to Albuquerque in 1995, having “flapped my wings” and flown far away from home in the traditional youthful American fashion.

Since moving here, I have been a “pizza snob” and never found pizza the way I grew up with it. I had driven by Mario’s restaurant a thousand times and never tried it. I had learned from trying every other supposedly “New York” pizza place that I would never find any place here that makes pizza the way I wanted it. I just settled for the fact that it didn’t exist here. I have tried to make it myself, but don’t have whatever magic it takes.

Then one day, I simply said to myself. “I guess I never tried that place, what the hell…let’s see”. When I opened the pizza box I knew right away “BINGO!!!” …there it was…the smell told me everything I needed to know. No disappointments when I bit into it. Mario’s pizza is THE Sicilian pizza I grew up with. I’ve been ordering Sicilian pizzas because you guys are the ONLY ones in the know in Albuquerque!!!
- Mike G.

I am a Pharmaceutical Representative and I have been using Mario's catering for over 10 years. I call Mario's regularly because the delivery people show up on time, the order is always complete and accurate, and the food is hot and fresh. The food quality, selection, and price are incredible. It is important to me that my customers look forward to the days I provide lunch. There is something on the menu to please everyone from the carnivores to the vegetarians. Huge subs, huge pizzas, pasta, calzones, salads, soup, desserts, whatever I order, the flavor and quality of ingredients are perfect. The meals are homemade and authentic, which means they are healthier than what a chain restaurant offers. When I call to place an order with advance notice or an hour before, Mario's gets the order right because they are reliable and experienced. It doesn't matter if it is 10 people or 60 people I am providing food; I can rely on Mario's , Sal, Eddie, and Joe want my business and they make it clear to me by providing what I need every time, on time.
- Demian

When I order meals from Mario’s, I expect delicious food that is a good value, whether I’m feeding my family or my customers. The menu is extensive so there is something for every one. Don’t let the name, “Mario’s Pizza” fool you. Although the giant pizza is a crowd-pleaser, the giant subs, individual subs, breadsticks, pasta, calzones, and salads delight vegetarians and carnivores alike. One of the best kept secrets on the menu is the chicken soup. All of the dishes are home-made (including the salad dressings and desserts) and never processed. If you are placing a delivery order (for large parties or dinner at home), Mario’s is on time and the food is hot. Those are the reasons that I have been calling Mario’s catering for over 10 years and my family has been eating at Mario’s even longer.
- Marissa

We are very grateful to Eddie and his team for providing a delicious meal for 1000 people last Friday at the Native Vision Camp. It was not an easy feat, with hundreds of hungry kids, chaperones, and coaches clamoring to get their food. Eddie and everyone who was working with were wonderfully efficient and helpful, and they were very patient with all of our staff and volunteers who were a bit over-tired and stressed after a long week of work. We heard many compliments about the food and we spread the word about your restaurant.

Please do pass on our appreciation. We look forward to working with you guys again soon.
- Nicole

Thanks for all your help. The lunch was a great success. The food arrived on time and was delicious. The staff was so happy to see something other than Mexican food! Thank you for suggesting Southwest Chicken. It was a big hit with everyone. Your idea to cut back on salad and increase the entrees was perfect.
- Debby